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Frequently Asked Questions

The Top Four

Puddin Tain. Ask me again and I'll tell you the same. Seriously, this is above and beyond the most frequently asked of all the FAQs and my answer varies depending on mood. There are multiple versions of my Real Name floating around out there but the only one you need to concern yourself with is Manzin. Also, it's "Manzin" like "Manson", not like "fanzine".

Yes, and vice-versa. I'd been "doing" him in photos for a few years when I guess either he or one of his people stumbled onto me and showed him what I was doing. I guess he was intrigued or outraged or horrified enough to have his people get in touch with me. We met in 2004 and things went from there. He's been very supportive of me when it comes to my photos (whether they're Mansonish pics or not) and has given me some great advice as well. I owe him a lot.

No. Yes. I hope you're as confused by my answer as I am by why people ask this as if it matters somehow. And if you have a bet with someone as to "what I am", let me know which you picked. I'll go with your answer if you give me half. Additionally, don't try to do some field work by walking up to me and grabbing a handful of my crotch. It's been done and that kind of unacceptable behavior is a great way to get your teeth fed to you.

I'm "I prefer guys but will sleep with girls from time to time though I don't have any interest in being in a romantic relationship with one". Is there a term for that?

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